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Would like to see a new thread......


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I would like to see a thread populated by those of you that really know your way around tuning. Nothing too technical. This is obviously not to infringe upon those that do this for a living. Just some basic steps.




1. where to begin

2. what's the first thing I do and how do I go about it

a. fueling - how do I adjust for it rich/lean, which tables to hit

b. timing adjustments - how do I maximize power and which tables

c. DTCs - how to adjust around them, disable, etc..

d. etc.....


You guys get the gist.


I think that the thread on super/turbochargers was great and a lot people have learned from it. Just think it's time for one here.


The thread may need some disclaimers similar to the ones that are in the beginning screens of some of the programs out there.



Bad idea??

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thats the worst idea for a thread ive seen since stexx posted his 1/4 times.Just playing. :jester:



i think its also a great idea.I would also like to know what you would do.I always read about adding and taking timing and fuel but where do you start .I know alot of this depends on running conditons and mods.Great idea again .


Who is going to be the guinea pig and try to begin telling us novice's where to start :dunno:

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I think its a good idea as long as we include screen shots, sometimes words don't fully explain whats needed. and it is alot of work to post screen captions.


lets go for it:)

I could do without screen shots. The idea is for it to be applicable to all forms of software out there. Given that, finding screen shots from all three would be very difficult unless we do a thread on HPT, Flashscan, and LS1 Edit. It will be up to the individual owner of the software to find what is being discussed in his/her own software.

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This is what I have hoping for. I have held off buying any tuning software because I didn't know anything about where to start. I will be all eyes and ears if this makes head way.


Thanks a TON



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