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good day to Horrible in 1 phone call


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I recieved a call about an hour ago that one of my good friends was in a horrible accident not to far from my house and got ejected from his truck. I'm not sure on all the details but I just got word that he has passed away. All of his close friends didnt know what was going on untill recently, so now were all going over to my buddies house so we can figure this out. This is just horrible :tear:

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well i just got back from my other buddies place who lives across the street from my buddy who passed away. It was really wierd cause there was about 20 of us plus some parentsof my friends as well. Everything seemed fake, like it was a bad dream. We got part of the story from what was allowed to be said to us from a friend who is a local officer and was first to arrive on scene.


The was a municipal(sp?) truck behind my friend when he crashed and he reported that they were doing the speed limit and out of no where my friends truck lost controll. He said it looked like he tried to correct the steering but oversteered and was sideways when he smacked the curb, flipping the truck and he partially came out of it and the truck landed on him. They did the best they could but couldnt pump blood into him quick enough with his internal bleeding. Hopefully he felt no pain. The next few days are going to be really rough when this sets in more. You never really think this happens to your friends, and i hope it never does again. Ok i need to hold back a little.


Thanks guys for your support, i appreciate it more than anything.

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