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help me decide


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I am just having a hard time deciding which one I should get and thought somefresh ideas might help. It'll most likely be about three to four weeks before we see our money. Not real worried obout ride quality as much as performance/ handling. But I do enjoy a fast vehicle.

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I would choose the TBSS or the sierra denali. TBSS had the ls2, good handling, awd and looks pretty good. I just picked one up about a week ago now and I love it. The sierra denali has a very nice look to it, the lq9 and the up class interior, but it is dated and next year the new sierra denali will be out. If you consider the subaru wrx sti, I would look at the CTS-V too.

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Subaru? Why? :banghead: Buy American, we need the business. :D


Seriously, I would go for either the TBSS or the Sierra Denali. The Denali is classier but the TBSS is faster and I think handles better. Bottom line, drive them both and get what you like the best.

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First -Trailblazer SS


Second - GMC Sierra denali 6.0


The TBSS is one sweet ride. Same principal format as the Subaru, (AWD and Fast) you already have your pontiac ... so why another car. Go with the SUV.


As for the Denali ... pay the little extra and go with the full size version. We have an '02 Denali and love it. The price of the Envoy Denali is a bit to high for what you get. (Yes it is about the same size as the TBSS, but is more expensive, with less speed.) But if you want a comfortable ride, go with the full-size Denali, and don't skimp yourself on the interior room.


Just my .02 Cents ....

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That's a tough call. Knowing the needs you have for a vehicle it would almost be the Subaru... :dunno:

subaru was a great car. overall handling was awesome the engine sound was badass nothing like a horizontal opposed engine.

bad things bout subbie

1. the attention you get from cops, ppl, ricers everyone thinking you are out to race when u are just driving home.

2. its not a "quiet" car

3. it does not have all of the anemities that other cars have. leather, gps, sunroof, heated seats. its a damn race car that can seat five, lug round some luggage and play in dirt.

i loved it but no i got a truck...and well its a truck two diff animals love both wish i still had the STi though, oh yeah subaru got best in reliability ousting toyota


if you like the new tahoes you can get one of the new ones in ltz package look very nice. denali's are beautiful too. its a tough descion it really comes down to what you want need.

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