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Fckin belt tensioner


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I went out and bought a spare. It was only $64 and it is a little different than the one I hav on there. The one I have on there now has a ribbed pulley whereas the new Dayco unit I bought has a smooth pulley. Joe, is the one you broke ribbed or smooth? The belt may have trouble hanging on to a smooth pulley during a quick blip letting the tensioner slam back causing the snap. :dunno:


Joe, If you have the broken one still, can I have it? :P

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When you buy the new tensioner you need to buy a new pulley as well. The one that comes on it doesnt work for us. There is a part number in this thread for it. I bought two of them when i went so i could have a spare as well. And yea i believe i still have the broken one if you want it. But why?

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