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Brake pads


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ok, here's the deal. I bought some new pads for the ss. I took of the front wheels and the pads on the truck look as thick as the new ones.


Here's the deal.. they have over 40,000 miles. What's the deal? do i change them, do I leave them? Why have they not worn out?



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If you've checked ALL the pads and they look as good as the new ones and you're not having any issues with the brakes, I'd leave them alone.


As for "Why have they not worn out?" Could the "problem" be that you just have "good driving habits" and are not hard on brakes? I'm at a little over 30K on mine and they are still fine, of course my wife doesn't drive it either! :D

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i kept hearing squeking every once in a while, the truck has 40+ so i figured it probably needed pads... I know i should have checked them first but i just got excited thinking about working on the truck. I was going to paint the callipers too. I guess i can wait for while.

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i changed mine at 17k cuz they were screeching too much. so i put on some performance friction pads and feels good as new now with 10k miles on them. i was also thinking about painting my calipers but i dont know what type of paint to use.


VHT makes a ton of paint products. Here is an auction for caliper paint, that is on ebay. I would recomend going with a brush on versus a spray on paint though less mess.


Caliper paint

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