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rear diff gasket

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anybody have the part # for the rear diff gasket.. ( yes I'm lazy)

just replaced the front with the amsoil stuff,, It actually made the whine noise alot quieter,, not saying it's a cure or it's completely gone ,, but the best way i can describe it, is that i put a luxury car muffler on it,, so i figure let me do the rear

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I don't have it handy, but it is the same gasket for a 8.5 inch ring gear...we have a 8.6. The parts store will try and give you one for a 14 bolt...I tried searching here cause I posted the part number before but I couldn't find it. Check Mr P's how-to



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If you are careful you dont need to replace the gasket when changing the fluid. Did mine, no leaks.


Same here. I just loosened all the bolts and carefully pried the bottom of the cover with a screwdriver to let the fluid out. Retightened the bolts and no leaks for 2 months so far.

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