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ok i got some pictures...

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i joined a few months back and i only have ever posted one picture... a distant shot at best. Only Chase04 has seen my truck in person, so far... but i thought i would add some pics... hopefully i can do this.




custom blue metallic paint - painted by MTV show "trick it out" winning shop - platinum motorsports





LED lenses smoked black



custom leather seats with navy blue suede inserts - Katzkin



custom leather box with chevy bow tie embossed - 10" JL Audio W3v3's



Maggie Supercharger with Airaid CAI



Mag hytek diff cover, 4.10 gears, posi - 153 db train horns (air) - belltech rear sways / shocks


below is the complete list of mods -


Custom paint / color matched wheels

SS front end kit

HID 6000k Head lights and fog lights

Billet grill and lowers

Blue lenses on head lights and running lights

Magnuson SC

Zippy tune

Airaid CAI

JBA 8.5 wires

NGK tr6 plugs

24" rims - 305/35/24 hankook tires

belltech Nitro Drop 2's

Belltech front and rear sway bars

Belltech 2" lowering kit

Katzkin custum interior with suede inserts

pioneer navigation dvd d2

focal audio seperates throughout

2 fosgate amps

fosgate capacitor

jl audio W3v3 10"s

custom box

corvette servos - custom trans kit - the toy shop

4.10 gears

Auburn posi

Mag hytek diff cover

153 db air train horn

Sung top SL remote unlocking tonneau cover

bedrug carpet kit

magnaflow catback system / stainless tip

145 amp alt (stock was 105a)

viper remote start / pager

rearview camera

vehicle tracking system


i am sure i am missing some things... i have had this truck for ONLY 9 MONTHS AND IT WAS COMPLETELY STOCK WHEN I BOUGHT IT...

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Truck is looking awesome :thumbs: Just one question I can't make out what you've done with the ducts do they have some type of white filler in them or what :confused:

he said the fog lights were hid and i think hes got them turned on in the pics



i still think the taillights would look better if they matched the truck and it says you have blue lenses on the headlights and i dont see them

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wow... thanks for all of the response... "you love me, you really love me..." (what movie is that from?)


ok, yes, the HIDs are ON and in the ducts.... factory fog lights come there... i just replaced with HID's...

the headlights have a blue tint on them... nothing extreme like your truck pipm SS... here in ca you willl get a ticket for just about anything... i wanted to keep my truck looking subtle and clean... and i dont mean clean as in dirt either...


yes thousands of dollars... i never intended to go this far...!!!!!



next mods....


goodmark hood

shaved tailgate

roll pan

baer brakes



this truck is not meant to be a 11 second truck like some people *cough chase cough* it is meant as an all around custom truck... my dd... unless of course i go to LA to see a laker game or something like that, then the GF drives.


thanks again for the kind words brothas... i need some help with a sig.... anyone??



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wow... thanks for all of the response... "you love me, you really love me..." (what movie is that from?)


That's Jim Carey in "The Mask" ...


That's one nice truck ... got me motivated to go outside and give mine a good cleaning ... and maybe a drive downtown later after it gets dark ... :driving:

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