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Lost the race but it felt like a win.


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I was on my way home this evening and lined up next to a Vette. I am pretty sure it was a 2003 but could have been a 2002. The guy gave me that look (you all know what that looks like) and I gave him the OK. I figured what better time to test my recenct Nelson performance tune. The light changed and we took off. Believe it or not I got a pretty good jump on him and got off to a bit of a lead. It was a pretty good distance between lights because it was in a desolate part of town so it was about a 0-80 race. I had him early on but as I expected he crept up on me and beat me in the end. I was pretty much right at his rear bumper, maybe a few feet behind him. Once we stopped he looked at me and said "that SS ain't stock is it?" I told him no, sure isn't. The light went green again and he said "you have a hell of a truck there, I like it." He gave me the thumbs up and we went about our way.


I know my baby lost the race but I think I kept some pretty good company.

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BTW, I would expect an AWD to get the jump, it just takes a little more to real in your SS compared to most of the rest of us.  :D

Need to get you one of these whistlin' things :jester:

I know, I know, and I'd bet you'd help me put it on while I'm there for the cam install too. ;)

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