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Well I started as a bouncer last Friday. I'm a decently big guy and I know how to keep my cool. Anyway I started on Friday and I must say, it was fun. However there were a few that I had to "escort" out in a not so pleasing manner..that is for them. Anyway any advice from those of you out there who have done this? Maybe ways to talk to unruly clients, pain compliance (if needed) and also what should I do about my worries of repercussions of me working there (i.e forming enemies, getting jumped while I'm walking to my car etc.) I ask this because a worry that I have is that my job is to keep the peace, make sure everyone has fun without getting hurt. Sometimes that involves physically removing someone from the premises but when the job is done it's over, nothing personal, no beef that's it. But these kids take it personal and may try to have beef with me after. Anyway, sorry for the long post but any advice is appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

ES :flag:



Oh yeah, this is my 3rd job too! :crazy:

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well i guess i could chime in here... lol... without getting into my background let me give you a couple pointers...


1. Dont take anything personal, i mean anything!


2. If there is a confrontation, take it outside, just like in roadhouse (lame movie, but good point)


3. Keep your cool, refer back to the first rule.


4. Make sure none of your supervisors or managers EVER undermines your decision to kick someone out, if they dont, QUIT and go somewhere else... i cant tell you how many problems can happen if you decide to kick out some moron, and then someone else lets them back in, not good. So that also means, if you are going to kick someone out, be sure of your decision and have reason(s) why.


5. If you confront someone to escort them out, do it in pairs when you can.

----make sure your team is all on the same page... communication is key.


6. Go to work with a great attitude, if youre in a crappy ass mood, get out of it... bad moods will create problems.


7. Make sure you identify "hot" and "cold" zones in a bar or club... girls sitting in a booth talking by themselves is a cold zone... a hot zone is a group of guys downing shots... make sure everyone is aware of these potential threats... post up a bouncer near these areas.


8. Make sure bartenders are DOING their job and serving too much alcohol to drunks... this is an appetite for destruction.


There are a ton more, but this is it for now... good luck and like i said, dont take anything personal, you will hear a cadre of remarks when you throw someone out...


good luck and watch your six.



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always be aware of your surroundings. knife clips on pockets, shifty eyes, facial piercings. i like D's hot and cold zones but i think that the two girls in the booth could become a hot zone if one or more of the drunk dudes taking shots, strole over and gets rejected, acts rude or pushy.

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Drunks are idiots almost all the time, One ran a red light in front of me and I simply honked at them. They followed me to my place and took it out on my truck. 4500 dollars in damages later with a key and their fists. I got their plates tho and for once in a lifetime cops did a good job, contacted the owner of the vehicle, which was this kids dad, and since the kid that was driving did not do anything he turned in his friends. Since it was so much damage they each got felonies. Hope they learned their lesson but it goes to show the smallest things can become big. I would definitely not drive the SSS to work and always pay attention to the small things also....

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Don't drive the SSS... also, get to know your local law enforcement, and it's best to get them involved when you feel is needed, and also trust your instincts.


Advice from my FD... It's easier to cancel Mutial Aide while they are enroute, then it is to get them enroute when it's already too late.

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Dave summed it up perfectly. I worked the door for 2+ years at a bar near here that is big with the college kids. They get that liquid courage in them and they never want to listen. You are always the bad guy keeping them from their "good time" even though you're trying to let everyone have a good time.


The biggest thing about any altercation, make sure you get the guy(s) outside before it goes down. Today more than ever with YouTube and video cell phones, evidence against you, your fellow bouncers, and the patron can surface within minutes. Always try to be the bigger man and never throw down unless you need to.


Good luck!

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thank you for all the advice. Dave (usabodyguard) thank you for the advice I like it. I Definitely never take anything personal, I understand that it's a job and when it's over...IT"S OVER. anyway As far as lifting weights, trust me i got that down lol, I got the job for a reason..nuff said.


PM me if you want to know where I'm working.


Last Friday it got a little nasty with some bar patrons and for that reason I had my roommate come pick up my truck while his girl drove his car home and he came back to get me when I was done (very nice of him to do that, he's always lookin out) anyway I think he and I will be switching cars when I work.


Then the next day my girl goes and starts telling her friends about the confrontations I got in (one of which I took on 5 guys for quite a bit until my backup came in) and I guess she's just bragging but there's truly no honor or glory in it so idk why she talks about it anyway. One of her friend's put 2 and 2 together and one of the kids that we threw out is friends with her boyfriend (this guy actually wound up crying, idk why bc he tried to be all badass and actually got a lucky shot to me in the face, wasn't a fist but he was just throwin his arms around everywhere and hit me with his forearm but it didn't even bruise , but i guess he's not that tough lol) so I fear all this will come around as it is a small world (i.e. trying to get to my girl to get to me, finding who I am so they can try and jump me, or finding out what I drive and...I don't even want to say it) So I ended up bitching out my girl to keep her mouth shut and I've decided not to tell her anything bc people just don't know how it is and they talk too much, whatever happened to discretion?

People think there's some kind of glory in being a bouncer but there really isn't. It's really a dirty job bc you're dealing with scummy POS people.


The police too are really supportive (they let us get away with anything) but still I don't want to take advantage of that because like someone said you never know who's watching or recording (cell phones these days can record anything) plus I don't care to get back at anyone bc it's nothing personal.


My team is pretty good, it's only 4 of us plus a doorman against quite a big crowd but we do well, we're really beginning to mold as a team so all it takes is a quick hand signal to properly communicate. And the majority of the crowd is there to just have fun but man all it takes is 10 seconds somewhere around 12:30 to 12:45 and everyone just changes into something different (the alcohol kicking in). But it's fun and lastly


the girls....idk what it is but it works...haha


ES :flag:

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