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Opinions For Best Tire For Stock Wheels


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I'm looking to buy some 20" tires for my SS wheels that I should be picking up this week, what sizes are you guys running? What brands should I stay away from? I'm looking for a quiet long wearing tire.


Opinions and experiences welcome :cheers:

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What kind of roads are you using them for.....dry.....wet......snow.....mud.....All Season.....long wearing = decrease traction is that ok?......price range.........etc.



Just some questions that will help people guide you towards the correct tire

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Pirelli Scorpion ATR, you can get 4 for under $600 w/shipping from Tire Rack.....they have excellent reviews/ratings......I have 4 waiting to be mounted as soon as I kill the factory CrapYear's at the track. :chevy:

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I'm a tire shop owner/operator. Just bought my SS couple weeks ago (barefoot). Chose Cooper Discoverer H/T plus. FINE lookin tire! Excellent ride, low noise, just had a 6-8 inch snow yesterday and they stuck like glue. Non-directional so rotation can be from side to side which I prefer, since it helps shooth any irregular wear patterns that develop.




Take a look



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