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Just A Few Pics Of My Camaro


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Really nice combo you got. One question though in the second pick the camaro looks like it has off road tires on the rear? I'm guessing its a drag radial but it just looks studded. anyway nice car and a cowl hood on your truck would set it off even more. :cheers:

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thats sick. that my dream to pull a matching 68 camaro behind my truck.


the cowl would look cool too on the truck , not to mention the same wheels on your truck , get them fro your trailer. now thats blingin.

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thanks for all the complements guys guys i worked hard to get them yes those are the micky thompson drag radail and i like them a lot the car hooks really good as for time the best i have gotten out of it so far is a 13.1 its just a 350 chevy 30 over

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