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Sss Hauling Rice.......


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LOL yea it is a Honda but for right now this stuff is helping to pay my bills and there not as hard to work on as everyone thinks ..................and yes it is beat up a bit and has been sitting for about a year in the driveway of the guy that owns it looks bad but still has alot of life left in it im sure just have to wait and see............

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It looks like somebody already swaped a h22a in it or are my eyes telling me lies. My just put a h series in a crx and it went 12.05 in the 1/4 all stock.



yep your right its already got the H22 swap and af ew other goodies im not to sure of yet should be a fun car if the motor is not hurt

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i've had my honda days, I'll admit it :jester:


Cant believe they put that body kit on it, the exterior on those Si's should be left untouched IMO. If you were to dump some money into it, ditch the h22 and get a k-series motor! A little on the expensive side, but well worth it. Myself and a guy I work with thought about building up one for shits and giggles.

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