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Las Vegas Lvms Meet

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Just throwing out an invite, theres going to be a small meet for the vegas truck guys at the LVMS on 1/23. We are all meeting at the track around 7 and plan on running as much as we can. So far there's 3 or 4 titans, one HEMI, and my lone chebby. I need more bowties!! i dont know if i can hold them off!!!


Hit me up if u want more info!! Terry that means you!!



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Anyone know the pricing for the track?


Is anything going on Saturday also?

to watch is $5 bucks and if you ganna run your car is $10 bucks,this event is called mightnight mayham and its a test and tune event link http://www.lvms.com/schedules/strip/

i think i will go to the next one on feb the 6th

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Are you going to be able to run? It says superchargers are only allowed if they are factory. Impessively strict rules.
damm stupid new rules,last year i went about 10 times with no problems.i think its bs they will lose alot of money if they inforce those stupid rules
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I'll keep a lookout at other trucks to see if any are getting through with non-factory boost.


Dont even worry about your blower, you dont have to pop ur hood for anyone. there are going to be about 200 hondas out there with aftermarket turbos.


dont sweat it. they dont know what thery are looking at anyhow.


lol I hope i dont end up eating my words on this one.


I just found the guidelines on the strips web site



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Just wanted to clarify some issues that were brought up about the use of aftermarket boost. Per the LVMS track official, aftermarket boost will be allowed however it must be installed professionally. I know your probably wondering how they will determine a professional installation. All they will be looking for is if your turbo / blower that isnt held together by duct tape. they will also look at any oil lines coming from the supercharger / turbo that appear to be run incorrectly as in close to headers or accessory drives that could potentially cause fluid leaks. The whole point is so they can minimize the amount of fluid leaks on the track. Im confident that you guys know whats on your trucks so you all should be fine.


The titan guys that started this whole meet are going to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings around 6:00 and try to get to the track around 7. I plan on just showing up at the track at 7 to get in line a little early.


Once you guys get to the track, its normally a pain in the *** to get runs together so after you make your first pass, I think we should try to park together behind the stands so we can all get in line for our second passes at the same time. It will be like a truck convoy, it would be bad ass imo. Please PM me if you want my phone number to contact me once you arrive at the track.


Also, I want to try to get a roll call list together to see whos gonna make it friday. just copy and paste your name in the list.



1. zo6freak

2. zippy









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