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Truckin' Magazine'S Throwdown


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wow i wasnt xpecting a reply. here is the e-mail they sent me







Please take a look at the attachment to answer any questions you may initially have.


Truckin' magazine presents THROWDOWN, where once the tire smoke clears one truck owner will be named Champion of the performance truck world.


Here are more details:

-No cost for participating.

-One-day event, driver/truck need to be on site at 7:30 am.

-We start with an early-morning driver's meeting.

-Each participant will receive official THROWDOWN event T-shirt.

-Breakfast will be supplied.

-Each truck will be equipped with GPS data acquisition for testing purposes.

-Each truck will also receive stickers/decals for the event.

-Photography and video of all the trucks/test will be performed throughout the day.

-Lunch will be catered.

-Upon the completion of the day, each truck will be photographed for a mini-feature.

-Event coverage and features will be appear in a late Summer issue.

-Video features for each truck and video footage of the event will go live on Truckinweb.com

-Winner will receive custom trophy.

-Top 3 competitors receive automatic entry into 2012 THROWDOWN.

-Other Truckin' apparel will be available for purchase.


Preliminary truck/competition rules:

-Any platform (truck, SUV, mini, van) is allowed.

-Power adders (supercharger, turbo(s), nitrous, water/meth) are allowed.

-No tire/wheel changes are allowed during testing (for example: drag radials, track tires)- you run what you brung

-Repairs will be allowed on site and no penalties will be incurred.

-However, points will be deducted if a truck cannot complete a test.


Thanks again,






maybe if we could get somebody else from here to participate. cause I KNOW my truck isnt going to be the fastest. that way we can make a good impression


Good Morning Enthusiasts,


Congratulations, by reading this, you are the owner/builder of an elite performance truck and we'd like to officially invite you to this year's THROWDOWN.


We’re seeing the trend of custom trucks move towards performance with owners wanting to see a return on their investment and we want you to be a part of the revolution by participating in the only truck-specific performance shootout.


Truckin’s THROWDOWN is a one-day event that will push your truck to its limits by competing against other high-performance hot-rods with beds in the following tests:


0-60-0 mph acceleration/stopping

1/4-mile performance

600-ft slalom

Technical, multi-turn autocross course

Styling competition

And new for this year, we’re working with the facilitators of El Toro Marine Base to let use a 2.25-mile road course.


A rock-solid date is still in the works, but we’re trying to secure Friday May 20 or Friday May 27.

This should help with people driving from out of state to make it a sort of SoCal vacation (THROWODOWN is held in Irvine, CA).


What I need from you is a reply accepting the invitation and confirming your attendance, or a reply stating you won’t be attending.

Getting an exact headcount is critical for our success.

I also need your shirt size and your truck’s tire sizes (more to come on this in the coming weeks).


I look forward to hearing back from you and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Here is a link to last year’s THROWDOWN, which really was just us having fun, but it was such a huge success, we turned into a bona fide event. http://www.truckinweb.com/events/1101tr_truckin_throwdown_2010/index.html

For a quick teaser trailer from last year, check out:

As an FYI, we are planning on making this a three-part series with competitions in Texas and Kentucky, but we’re working out the details and logistics.


Thanks for your support,

Dan Ward


Truckin’ magazine

1733 Alton Pkwy

Irvine, CA 92606

V- 949.705.3181

F- 949.705.3408

C- 714.709.9159


[email protected]

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they told me no wheel swaps allowed so i opted to run 22's. the 18 " drag radials in front are scary on turns . im doing some more suspension mods and hopefully will get my bfg kdw's before this event as my toyos are shot. i actually have quite a bit to do to get ready for this . im so excited to be invited to this event .

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