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Valet Switch

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I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smash.gifsmash.gifsmash.gif


Nice camera btw!





GoPro for the MFW


Is that with COS3?

If so can u tune mine for it when we get the tune rolling?


Its already set up, you just need to run the ground pin and switch to you PCM


That's cool how can I get that? Lol


There isn't a ZCOS for your year truck... You would need to swap out your TAC module and peddle assembly to a pre 05 truck and then run a COS from EFILive

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ive wanted to do something like this but a bit more complex in my setup...id like to set a certain speed and WOT limiter, such as say 55-65 mph and if you try to punch it it wont go WOT...not sure if thats possible but if so id be interested for sure. For such cases of when my parents or girlfriend have to drive my truck, I dont want them hot rodding it around. its my job to abuse the truck, lol

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The efilive valet switch has both capabilities. An rpm cut off and a speed cut off. When either is met fuel is cut out. It just so happens that on my truck, the rpm cut out is much lower than the speed cut out. Iirc, speed is set at 25mph. Rpm is at 2000 rpm. With the 3200 stall, its difficult to get any speed.


sent from my thunderbolt

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That is great. I have to valet park my truck at a certain hospital and I know one of the sob valet retards took my truck out because I lost an 1/8th of a tank.

When I get her back up and running I will be looking into this. Thank you for the post CHP :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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