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My 2005 crew SS conversion


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I have a 2005 Chevy crew. I plan to make it into an crew SS with lowered suspension, cladding (I plan on custom making the rear doors out of fronts), bumpers, grille& headlights, except w/o the 6.0 BUT with a 5.3+turbo. I am no stranger to turbo charged trucks. I do own a Syclone. I want something a bit different. I have been looking for & wanting an SS for the past 2 years & have had 2 deals fall through. Both black 2004s. Unfortunately with the size of my family we cant fit into an ext cab.

Here's what I started with:






Here's where I'm at right now. I've missed a couple good deals on full cladding kits here.





A little more work tonight:



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Any progress on this, definitely want to see where this goes..and post some pictures of that syclone

Havent been able to do much to it with the weather. I will be lowering it as soon as the weather is nice.

Just installed a new tranny in the Syclone.

Plenty of pics of the Syclone:



Did do this to the gauges over the winter:






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