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The one that got away


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My name is John from Ontario Canada and I have a bit of a story. I bought a black 2003 Silverado SS in 2006 with 70 000km on it and fell in love. I was 21 and it was such a great ride! It was a fantastic truck and I drove it everywhere, Unfortunately, I was a bit young and a little rough with it and after 190 000km on the odometer it was showing it's age.


During the 4 years I owned it I went on the first date with a girl who is now my wife. It was the truck that took us to the hospital to have a baby and the machine that brought home my little girl. My wife went for her first pass at the drag strip with it (it was also the tow vehicle for my 1967 Chevelle). I loved that truck. It was great but after a short time as a new father and a truck that needed some obvious work I was put in a situation where I could put about 5000 into it for repairs or buy a new truck with low monthly payments. It was a 2011 Sierra Crew Cab with a 5.3 that had such great mileage it almost worked out to the same amount per month (SS fuel bill = 800, Sierra fuel bill + payment 900) and a crew cab is much more practical for a small family. I traded it in on a new 2011 GMC Sierra crew cab December 21st 2010 and from the moment I handed the salesman the keys I regretted my decision.


For the next 2 years I thought about the truck, wondered if someone had chopped it up (it was hurting) or if some young kid had it and was just wrecking it. Finally I looked for an old insurance slip and bought a used vehicle buyers package to see if the truck was still around (March of this year). I discovered that the truck had moved through 6 different dealerships/shops before being sold to a guy that lived about 150km from my house. The truck had a loan on it so I knew that whoever bought it probably was taking care of it because they owed money on it and was hoping that in a few years maybe I would be in a position to buy it back and restore it.


This Sunday night I was looking on kijiji and saw a picture of my old SS! I knew it was mine! My wife knows how much I loved that truck and was probably getting sick of me taking detours to "accidentally" drive past a few of the local SS's in the area and told me that if I wanted it, I could buy it! I"m a lucky man.


I went Monday night to talk to the owner and saw my truck for the first time in almost 2 and a half years. It was still hurting, still needs work but it's still on the road and needs mostly cosmetic work. I made a deal with the owner, and I'm proud to say that I have that same truck back in my driveway again and will never ever sell it or part with it again.


So glad to be back, the truck is even better than I remember! Looking forward to getting to know some people here and just wanted to say hello!


For my first question, I have seen a few guys online that have billet Chevy bowties with the SS engraved in the center, where can I buy one? It looks great and it will match my Chevelle (currently being restored) that will have the same SS in the girll.




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What a GREAT story!! We are happy to have you back!! :cool:


Those are called "SHOPMAN BOWTIES". A guy on here actually made a batch of them years back, for fellow SSS owners.


Seems that not too long ago some guys were trying to get up enough demand for another order/run of these things. Try using the search tool on here for



Again, welcome back!! :thumbsup:

-Jon in TX.

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Very glad you got it back. I still have my first vehicle i ever had (the 93 silverado in my gallery) I could imagine how you would feel after selling your ss. Thats awesome you got same one back and didnt just get a different one.


If you ever find out about those shopman bowties let me know. Im interested in one as well. I tried searching and couldnt turn up anything recent. tried finding the guy on ebay and didnt see anything either.

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Awesome story congrats on getting the SSS again....you came to the right spot she'll be looking new in no time with all the parts that are forsale on here...and welcome to the site from IA

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