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m396 #00-011

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4810 lb Race weight w/ driver


K&N drop-in filter (bottom box removed w/ open headlight)

TCI Trans Scat Shift kit w/ Corvette Servo

Yank TT3000

LS1 Edit

Open Exhaust

Stock Silverado 16" rims w/ 235/75/16 tires (effective gearing 4:37)

TB coolant Bypass


Changes from KS ([email protected])

400lbs weight reduction

open exhaust

16" rims and tires


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what have you done to get your truck on the diet?  is that including swapping the stock tires for the 16s?



16" rims and tires

No tailgate

No spare and hanger

No jack or accesories

No rear seat

open exhaust


I wanted to take off the rear bumper because I plan on a roll pan, but it proved to be harder than I first thought, so to get an even comparison (and only a comparison) I removed the passenger seat (almost identical weight)


I'm very happy with the trap speed and et ;)

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