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the other night i am riding through town and a 03 cobra pulls up beside me in the four lane. i already had my nos heated and was ready for any action that may come along. (thank god). we begain to play and let me tell you this car was fast. as luck would have it the on coming light turns red. (hehe). he gives me alittle rev and i do the same. light hits green and i leave him by 2 cars right from the go. ( i stalled to 1500RPM and sprayed 100 shot of nos right off the launch). he falls in behind me and we stop to talk. he said he has never seem any full size truck come out of the gate like that. i told him what i had and he told me what he had (pulley and programer). he was a cool guy and was amazed at the SS.

he would have walked me down i am sure but he didnt know that. he just knows how bad i left him and i slept good that night...


4wheel drive + nos = nasty :driving:

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