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Who thinks they have a fast SS?


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I'd sure love to see that but I honestly don't think it's going to happen. Too much weight and too weak a drivetrain... :sigh: But if anyone can get in the 10s (more than once, without breaking anything, and still keep the truck reliable) then I'll be thouroughly impressed! :driving:

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Who has the C3. That is one big truck to run tens. :eek:


And Zippy, if your out there somewhere, you wanna get MY truck to go 10 in a quarter? :cheers:



sure, i can do that. might cost you a few bucks in parts though.

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I think the fastest SS are the one's that have the 1/4 mile time slips to back them up......


AZFASTESTSS: [email protected] 1.682 60' is the fastest currently.....


I think our trucks can get down into the 10's... :thumbs:


What it will take to get into the 10's & 750+ Crank/HP:


-Major power adder (Turbo/Supercharger and/or Nitrous)

-Built motor that will take the boost

-A very well built transmission

-Must have great air intake and open exhaust

-Weight reduction

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10's are a goal for 2005! I've been on probation,till Jan 1 2005, with NHRA Division 7 do to the grudge match with the azloc lightings (someone complained to the track official) the last time I ran 11's. Everything that has been done to the truck has made an improvement so I feel that 10's are not that far away :thumbs: Its cool watching everybody getting faster with these heavy ass trucks :driving:

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