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FLP L5 and PI 10.5" TC IN

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The truck chirps second gear...


Brake stalling looks to be very promising -- I tried at a light and got 5 psi before the truck even lurched. Then I promptly blew the intake tube of the turbo getting second... Damn silicon hose!!!


The truck feels very good shifting. FLP does some good work. Now we'll see if it can last :)

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Flp sounds like they know their $hit.. :thumbs:

I need to order a built transmission soon, just trying to do a little research first.

If you don't mind me asking, what exactly did you get from FLP and what was the total?

Thanks, and keep them second gears a chirping... :cheers:



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Just complete. They are gonna rip it apart anyway.



Day 2 assessment: I got to drive it this morning without being pissed off that the intake tube was off... I was impressed last night (I drove it for 10 minutes after putting the tube back on), but now I'm beyond impressed...


Under light throttle, you'd never know anything was up, but anything after 25% tps, look out. My foot slipped a couple of times this morning (and ya know, pinned the throttle to the floor purely by accident) and let me just say that after one 1-2 shift, I thought I had gone blind for a few seconds.


I also tested that 1st gear abuse valve thing. No longer an issue.

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