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Smoked Tail Lights


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Some people asked for this and though it might help some of you out. I have done this a few times bfore so here is the how to for the silverado tails.

Here is what you need.




1.Smoke spray(Nite shade or a Model paint called smoke)

2.Good quality clear coat.

3. 400 grit wet or dry sand paper.

4.Nail polish remover or acetone.

5.Lint free wipes.

6.razor blades

7.masking tape(for some applications)

8.Rubing compound


First remove the tails form the stock housings.

The clean of all dirt.Slightly sand down the entire light (not the back) getnly not too much , you want to scuff the surface so the paint will stick better.




Then remove any residue on the surface using the acetone or nail polish remover.

I also masked off the reverse light so i could still have the brightness when i back up .




to do this it is kind of a pian to see where the clear reverse light lines are so i used a maglite and shined it through the hole of the reverse light so i could see exactly where the line where through the masking tape.


I then removed any oils left from my hans on the light with another wipe off with the nail polish remover or acetone.Then i found some old boxes that i used for stands.


Takie in mind the area you paint these in is sure of debris in the air (like dust anything that can get one the fresh paint).I used my garage with it almost all of the way shut and two fans sucking out the fumes.


Then after it isall masked off or not if you choose to somke the reverse light too, and you have them all celan and ready to go find an adequite spot with good lighting. and begin to use the smoke spray.I suggest long evev pases along the light.Try not to put to much on at one time, this will crate runs and is a bi@tch to fix.Try to do light coast but more fo them.The more coats you do the darker the light will come out.I used about 4 small size cans of smoke and one large can of clear...




(about 3-4 coats)




here they are with about 5-6 coats






And on a side note while i was doing these light the ups guy showed up with ths(thanks tbyrne) for 240.00



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Good write up! :thumbs:


One question though, I'm looking at most of the pics and it looks like the reflector part of the tailight is not painted, or is it the lighting? Also, got any pics of them installed on your truck?


Late- Alex

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Good write up!  :thumbs:


One question though, I'm looking at most of the pics and it looks like the reflector part of the tailight is not painted, or is it the lighting? Also, got any pics of them installed on your truck?


Late-  Alex


Actually it is the lighting and no pics on the truck yet waiting overnight for them to dry.But that is good you can still see the reflector,That is what cops look for to give you a ticket.I think they came out good but we will see in the mornig.

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Shouldnt this be in the How To section?


Good job, though. I think im gonna just get mine tinted. What percent do yall think I should do? I just want a light tint. Kinda like the trailblazer's taillights. And since I am leaving the reverse light clear, should I do the same with the clear lights on the third brake light?

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well now some one said something about the third brake light i got some more smoke and went to work.I took of the third brake light today and masked of the reverse lights on it too.I also have come to the conclusion that the clear coat i mentioned abouve is poopy DO NOT BUY IT! I bought some testors high gloss clear coat and they look ten times better i cant wait for them to dry so i can finish them up. I would recommend this clear or getting some real automative paint and actually use a air gun to paint it, or have your local painter clear them.It seems everytime i do this i run into a new problem :dunno: but its good i figure ways to get around them.I ll try and get some pics up asap .


Merry Christmas,


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Ok well i got me an early present and finished the light i like it alot so for all you fater f-off this shit took a while (3 day with no driving :crazy: )But it cool its christmas and time to get my eat on anyway i got em on the truck check it out nice and shiney almost looks stock. :cool:







Sory the truck is durty the winds have been pretty bad (that why i had to due the light over 3 times)but i got my Zaion fofrom santa and plan on using it before the rains.

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