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Monitor Pics


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Did this install couple weeks after 6.0SS did his, thanks for the help on that by th way,


Alpine 9835 Reciever

Alpine 5210 DVD

Alpine 480 IPOD interface

Alpine TME 760 Screen

JL 450/4

JL 500/1

JL XR 650 CSI F/Doors Components

JL XR 5 CSI R/Doors Components

JL 10W3 2 ea.

Sounds Pretty Damn Good, did everything myself, it was my first time doing a major stereo install and it was a lot of fun.



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Thanks for the compliments! It really was a lot of work and $$$


As for the rest of the install I will have to get some pics up of the subs and the doors, but the amps line the back wall of the cab and that seat is a pain in the ass to take out for a pic!


As for the outlets I just use the one in the rear of the center console now.


By far the coolest thing going is the IPOD interface unit that allows me to throw the ipod in the glove box. I use my Alpine9835 to scroll through everything and it charges it all at the same time, 40G of music and I never have to touch it, LOVE IT!!

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