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Beat freinds Hemi


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I have a freind who just got a brand new 2005 2 door automatic hemi..... He has been talking so much shit since he drove it off the lot that it would spank my truck... all of our freinds told him to watch his mouth because they've ridden in both of our trucks and say mine is faster... well a couple of weeks went by and he got some exhaust and intake.... well at one of our party/get togethers he wouldnt shut up about it, so my freinds said take it street and settle this once and for all.... so of course i was down to shut him up.... The raced started and in first gear i ate him up nasty, in second he started doing a little better and by late 3 we were neck to neck, i started thinking he was going to pull me, but by his rules he wanted to race the whole street ( he thought he would beat me in the long run or something) the streats is a quarter mile long with a little breaking room after with a slight turn.... well when he shifted into 4 i pulled him once again.... with everyone watching... he tried saying he beat me to 100 but my freinds were watching from an arial view from the balconing of the apartments to the side.... they said he never once got infront of me.....


It was to close for me and i want to beat him by more, and i dea's of what i could put on the truck (besides a s/c dont have the money) to make it worse for him?????

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thats what im saying........... i dont know what went wrong???


My Mods,


22" TIS wheels by: DUB w/ toyo tires,

proflash Programmer,

3in Spintech mufflers custom Dumped,

k&n filter for now,


2 in lowering shackels,

160* stat,

msd wires


Thanks performance ( included the 22's and bedcover cuz they are a slower downer)

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I have never had a Hemi get anywhere close to beating me... even when I was stock. Maybe those 22's are slowing you down :dunno:


I've raced alot of Hemi Rams and the closest its ever been is about a truck length behind me. :driving:

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good kill, i say it might be those heavy ass deuce deuce's holding you back that extra weight will slow you down a little but id say you should have had him by a little more. Maybe a PCM for less tune :dunno: .But id say you still beat him doesent matter an inch or a mile a win is a win :smash: i want to run a 300C and see what kind of a fight they put up!!

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yea, its definatly got to be those 22's. tire/wheel weight drastically effect your performance, due to that the weight is applied directy on your rear wheels(your main method of going forward) i dont know it would effect your speed that bad though, iam pretty sure there is a few guys on here running 22's, and i havent heard any drastic problems yet.

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if i got the pcmforless tune you think it would help alot entill i can afford a real power adder like a s/c?????



bryan at pcm4less claims 35-40 added rwhp. i just got mine put in yesterday,and so far, it feels to have alot more torque and low end power. the shifts are a great bonus with his tune as well. he increases the line pressure and makes it shift harder. i havent raced or got any times though to show anything, as my engine light is on now. pretty sure its an easy fix after reading a post by PCM4LESS.

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One of my buddies also got the hemi reg cab 2wd, they come out pretty close to the SS in the 1/4 mile, i remember I only beat him by 1/2 a truck or so, but he had the 16 inch alloys on it. Since then hes done exhaust, cai and tune and can beat me by about a truck. The hemi has capability just like the SS.

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