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I might be first!!!!!!

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I don't post here much but I thought that since I was starting this process I would try to keep everyone informed to the ins and outs of using the DSW turbo kit. We are going to use a t-67 housing starting out at 9-11 lbs. Alan Nelson is helping with tune and the rounding up the little stuff. I will keep you all updated as our progress goes. Doug

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:withstupid: yea iam pretty sure turbos dont use pulleys.......the exhaust current is what spools a turbocharger.


the crank, etc charges a supercharger via pulley.


thats the whole + for the turbo. no parasetic losses because of pullies.

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So that is the upgraded turbo???


How much boost are you(allen) tuning for?


DSW just droped the prices to lower than the radix, and a bit higher than the STS, but the dsw is surposedly complete for 4700

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