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SS Cartoon Shirts Ready to Pre Order!


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Finally got this all under control!


We are ready to pre-order the SilveradoSS.com Cartoon SS shirts!



They are $25 including shipping and a SilveradoSS.com decal for each shirt ordered.



*We will be doing the Flag shirts at a later undetermined date...


Some Notes:

-You can order more than one color/size/shirt- Just change the details on the page and click "add to cart" again.

-If you are attending the Zippy Michigan SS Meet, I will be hand delivering your shirts at the event. Please make a note of it in the "comments" section


EDIT 7/9/05- Link is temp shut down untill shirts get here. This is to prevent selling shirts we don't have. There will still be a chance to order some limited shirts after they arrive if you so please.

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Are the Tee's only available in white?  Either way I'll order one.


Yes, this is in order to keep prices lower.


There's a huge setup fee that i have to pay in order to be able to offer all four SS truck colors on the back. To help offset that, we're only doing white right now.

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