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Chevy Dealer damaged the SS

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Brought truck in yesterday for 6,000mi service, tailgate cable recall, and air leak in rear pass. window. Dealer calls me today w/"news." They were running my truck through their car wash and supposedly the machine came down and a beam or cross member dented the bed top rail on the drivers side of my bed. He said the paint didn't chip/scratch. Of course they said they'll take care of it. Taking it to a "good body shop." I'm driving the rental Malibu they gave me up there after work to look at it b/c I wanna see how bad it is. I'm not planning to raise hell about it, but I think I may take pics in case it ever starts chipping/rusting. Am I entitled to anything for this? They're going to have my truck until mid next week. I'm pretty stressed about this :cry: , but it felt good to rant. Any thoughts are welcome.





Oh yeah, he said they couldn't even fix the damn window.

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Was just thinking, maybe I'm not entitled to anything. But I just wanna voice my concerns to these people when I talk to them in 1.5 hours. This really sucks, I'm not making the monthly payments that I make for the SS to be sittin in some yard waitin to be fixed. Plus every time I look at the thing now, I'm going to realize that its not flawless. :banghead:

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Talk to the Service Manager. I am a Service Manager (not a GM dealership) and if something like that happens in my store I will offer an extended warranty on the paint repairs.


This would be on workmanship only, not chips of scratchs ofcourse


It should be ok it think. Also if it is repaired correctly it will not hurt your trucks value.




Sucks though huh!!! :banghead:

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Just a thought; If the dent is not too bad, I think I would opt for some bed rail caps, or possibly Line-X'd to cover it. I never have liked having just part of a vehicle painted. The paint on repaired part never seems to hold up as good as the factory paint and after a few years you can see the repainted section.


As for the "air leak in rear pass. window", I have had both rear windows replaced, and now the drivers side is leaking again, but this time it might be just a door adjustment. From what I've read, back door window air leaks is common on the Silverados's.


Good Luck!

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window leaks are common. There has been a bulletin available to the dealership for quite some time. It involves replacing the wing window with the proper size glass. Apparently some glass was not tall enough. I work for a dealershipo. I will try to post the bulletin #. take the # to your dealer and make them replace the glass. If it's out of warranty...bitch like hell. this has been an ongoing concern. they will eventually fix it if your persistant.

SS Stazz

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