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Radix SuperCharger

DaJoker SS

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damn wish i had a few thousand to sling around when i was 17 for a s/c.


Damn I wish I had the money for the SSS at 17 let alone the S/C...


DaJoker: If you're are worried, buy 2 of em. We'll put the first one on my truck and I let ya drive it to see if you like... :D

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i would say yes. i would ask your dealer first though to make sure warrenty isn't going to be a problem. your parents may not go for it if warrenty is out the window.

If his parents purchased the truck, I would say they will buy him anything lol. I say go for it. Who needs a warranty, you're parents have money $$$ :D . Be smart though and don't drive all crazy like most kids I see on the roads. :thumbs:

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Im 17 and been driving for about 3 years now. Is that enough experience to handle the Radix. I was thinking about getting one but i dont know if its too much power for me.

I respect you for asking that question. Most people wouldn't even think about that... they would just get the S/C and go nuts with it, possibly even to the point of killing themself or someone else.


I say, go for it! Just remember that WOT runs are for the track, not the street. :thumbs:

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