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New BAER Decelera Rotors and Hawk Pads


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The original pads and rotors had 52k on them so I decided to go with the economical BAER Decelera Rotor and Hawk Pad setup. I have put about 50 miles on them so far and really don't feel any improvement. ..I still have mushy brake feel and the truck really doesn't stop like it did when it was new...?

I still have the same fluid since new as well (52K ago).:nono: ..I'm sure


Question: Could the fluid make the difference? Could it be the missing link in better stopping brakes?


This is all I can come up with unless they just need a little more break in.

Any and all advice appreciated :thumbs:

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What type and brand of rotors are those.  I am looking to upgrade my break setup and i am looking for some good rotors and pads, also information about good break lines to replace with as well.

Click on the link in my sig and the part# for the Earl's lines that everyone has been using is there.

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