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Just put on my Outlaw CAI

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Hey, something clean under your hood :thumbs:

Sorry, I know that's just wrong.


Wrong that it's dirty, or wrong that you said something? lol. What outlaw intake is that, never seen before? I think the location and design of the intake tube "extra or sac" is interesting.

click HERE for Outlaw CAI information.

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it looks like it has a different connecting hose from the tube to the maf, is the tube the same size as the maf or is it bigger, in the pic it looke to be larger ! i may have to go down there and check into this, did they include a carb sticker of some sort i need that also!

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06 vho who did you order your intake from? and what was the price? thanks

I got it through my friends shop (local) for $250. Most places have it for that price.

Dealer Locator

You can do a Yahoo search with this p/n INSM-0010 and find it mail order for around $250 as well.

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