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Aeroforce GP

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I know you guys have asked for it before.


So lets get this up and out there.


I am going to put together a list of who wants the aeroforce gauges. In the next 3 weeks or so the new changes are going to be implemented from aeroforce.


I will have a list of the new upgrades as that becomes available to me. One of the biggest deals is the fact that theyare going to be true plug and play the power wire will be incorperated into the ODB2 harness.


The SS startup will be available as well and all the typical colors.






The actual GP price will be knocked down when I get a headcount on how many guys are going to be in on this.


Obviously the more guys the better.


Single gauge MSRP 239.00

Dual gauge MSRP 399.00

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Ask and you shall receive.


So cal



I am going to try and call them pending intrest if you guys want the pods I am going to see if I can get a GP price.


no promises though. thats allready a killer price as is.

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No prob. Just tryin to take care of my guys.


I am not dead just.. going nuts.


I got off early today it was pouring at 5 am so they sent us home early.

:nono: I havent even gone to work yet...you know i'm in for the GP

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The fuel pressure sender that Frank talked about, works great! I use it to monitor my pressure at high rpm.


I had Frank install the socal mount and it looks killer! Guys have gotton into my truck and never knew the gauges are aftermarket. It really does look stock and the switch for the power is great when you don't want to have the lights on.

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On their website it says that they can read Boost pressure on factory equipped supercharged vehicles, what about aftermarket superchargers such as my Radix? What other gauges would i need to be fully knowledgeable as to what is going on with my truck............Fuel Pressure?





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