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Man I caught the last fight looking forward to seeing the Bad ass Mirko Cro Cop I have heard so much about just to see Ganzaga knock him the F out. I thought that kick to the head killed him for a second and broke his leg but he was alright after a few minutes.



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MMAweekly.com says Cro Cop has 4 more fights on his UFC contract, so I'm sure they'll fight again. It also went on to say that this is only his 3rd stumbleing block of this nature in his mma career, the other two were Wanderli Silva, and Fedor Emilianko. Even if he goes back to Pride, they are now owned by Zuffa the UFC's parent company and Dana White said 2 weeks ago in a press conference that there will be a UFC-Pride super bowl, hopefully by the end of the year. The next big fight is May 26, Liddell - Jackson 2 , one of only 3 losses Liddell has had in his mma carrer (pre UFC), and has avenged the other two. Horn and Couture.

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Gonzaga is a beast he has looked very good in previous fights, he was easily 20 pounds heavier than cro cop. i don't know what 20 pounds are in stones lol. bisbing looked very good and so did cheik kongo when he was standing up, i still think he would be awesome after some bjj training, or even just alot of take down defense.


rampage and chuck should be an exciting fight, both are heavy handed and they will have an on their feet brawl. (what everyone wants to see imo) both have a punchers chance.


can't wait til my broken foot heals so i can get back to some kick boxing

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