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Custom SS Roll Pan II

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Ok Guys, here is the final product what do you think :cool:










Yea, I know she needs a bath.









This is what the hidden hitch looks like with the tag folded down; all the wiring is stock and secured to the hitch. It's a little more trouble getting connected but looks lots better out of sight IMO.



I know there aren't any exhaust outlets, I may add them in the future, who knows.


I know some of these shots are kinda dark so I will post some brighter outdoor pics tomorrow :seeya:

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Looks great !


You're no Vanna White though :P


Nice paint job. Very clean design.


I could go either way on the exhaust outlets. It looks good completely smooth too.


Hopefully this will pan out into a money making opportunity for you. Move quickly before street scene copies your design.




Can you double the size of the pics? Kind of small.

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Don't know :confused:


I'm going to look into getting them manufactured (urethane, fiberglass or steel) to bring the cost down. They are way to much work and this version would cost about $800 if we had to build em one at a time by hand; and that's unpainted :nono:

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