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Does Anyone Make A S/c Or Turbo For My Truck?

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i seriously CAN NOT find a supercharger or turbocharger for my truck. so has anyone here seen one or know of one for my 5.0 1996 1500?


and if there arn't any pre made kits out there, do you think i could make my own? and if i made it myself would a s/c or turbo be cheaper?


cuz i'm kinda going for turbo so i can run blowoff valves.

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gut it and guild a stout small block for less $$ find a 350 and stroke it or find yourself a 400 sb youll have MORE than enough torque and loads of power... and you can go carbed so you can loose all the goofy computer restrictions

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The stock 305 will bee fine like I said for under 450whp, this is not internet here say I have played with many of the older Vortec motors. Procharger makes a kit for your truck too.



i didnt mension that it was here say. . . i wouldnt mod GM 305 just start with the 4 bolt main 350, you will be alot happier

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i wasn't goin for anything crazy guys. right now all i have is headers, exhaust and a cai.

so i was just plannin on some efans, and pulleys on top of a supercharger (with a wheatley tune) and i'm done.


i actually just found one today, it's the edelbrock eforce. is that one any good?

and i would only run 5psi.


good setup or what?

or will i be blowin shit right and left.

and if the tranny goes, it's all good (just time for a shift kit and some servos!!!)

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I'd go with the Procharger kit. My advice, contact Baker Engineering. Tuning and fixing the fuel system will be a big factor in getting it to hold up. I agree with TJ, 450RWHP shouldn't be a problem. The Edelbrock kit isn't going to be a bolt on and go. There is a roots style that fits those heads, I've ordered one before. It won't fit the distributor area though. Possible to make that work yet though.

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