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My turbo build


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Well I guess its my turn to put my build up. Need some help in considering some things. Truck is an 05 AWD version.


Stock 6.0 block with brand new cam and main bearings.

Stock crank polished and balanced with entire rotating assembly

-14.3 dished JE forged pistons

243 heads with a simple 3 angle valve job.

Harden pushrods

PRC dual .650 valve springs

Ls6 ported oil pump

Comp double roller timing chain

Isky 215/221 .566/.575 112+5

Lunati rods

Arp main studs

Arp head studs

Twin 70mm master power turbos

Dual 38mm waste gates

50mm BOV

A2A intercooler

80e conversion

Yank PY 3600 converter


Things I need help considering are.

Converting over to E85

Intake manifold selection


I ve been putting pieces of this together for the last 6 months. post-19864-137177925731_thumb.jpg




Here's a pic of what my engine bay when I was originally putting the

Turbos on, but then decided just to build a motor which I'm glad I did since a I found a hair line crack in on number 7 piston.post-19864-137177945909_thumb.jpg


So any advice or concerns let me here them.

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thats sexy. are you running flipped manifolds? Thing will be a monster!

Yeah it's a flip manifold design. Had to move a bunch of crap on the drivers side to make it work.

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yea i bet you did have to move a bunch. not much room for it on that side. twin 70's has got to put out some serious air. what sort of boost are you running?

Well it's not complete but I ll be looking to run 15+

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With that much air. And that small of wastegates. As long as you are not trying to regulate anything under 7-8 psi they should work. IMO I think you should go with bigger wastegates.

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