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10's Baby...Finally!!


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Went to opening day at the track today. I had my new drag radials on and still spun like hell. There was also a 25 - 35 mph head wind with gusts up to 45. The truck felt really strong and I honestly believe it has 10.5's in it IF I can get it to hook




Last race of the day was almost disastrous!



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Thank you gentlemen! I was happy to finally get 10's but sad because the track banned me until I get a roll bar :tear:


That's a great accomplishment if you ask me lol.

That's awesome, 10's on a twin screw, and stock block?

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Thanks man, yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a record for the SSS being Magnacharged and 364ci block. Unfortunately, that looks like it was my last hoorah at that track. Problem is, I have no plans for a cage and think I'd need to go to Okla-Fu*****-homa for the next nearest track

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Put some stickies on it and take the family over for a weekend. Have a BBQ samitch and pop off a 10.5 and call it a day. :) Truck is a beast. I followed the whole build. Hell of a job Randy

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Anyone have a link to build? Bad ass pass man. Truck sounds good and runs even better! Nice run.


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