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Quad Cab SS Available


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I was just looking through the pages of Truck Trends and spotted a GMC advertisement on a new truck they are offering

It is called the Sierra Denali

345hp LQ9


20 Crome SS wheels

Quad Cab, 6.5 foot bed.


Sounds awesome, Could not figure out from the picture if it was dropped at all but looked alot like a "Texas" Truck but with 4 doors and AWD!!!!!!

Any one seen one yet????

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I've seen the quad cab sierra denali with 20 inch GMC rims. Never seen one with SS style rims, I thought the SS style rims were exclusive to the SS. I test drove a QC sierra denali, they have an identical interior and front clip to the denali and the one i drove has GMC 20" rims, the engine was an LQ9 and the denali did have awd, its a nice truck but also pretty pricey. The QC just adds weight and length, but its nice to have it available :)

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The LQ9 is new to the Denali.  Previously they had the LQ4. 

I'm kinda surprised GMC dropped the QuadraSteer from the Denali though.  The system must not have been selling as good as planned.


My bad, you are right on that... :dunno: I liked the quad option, It would be great when I was towing my jeep on a trailer.



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