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guy wishes he had an ass


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Its not that bad. I have seen a lot worse. Those ground effects are not for me though, for some reason those always remind me of a grandpa trying to be cool.




I was at the mall in Frisco and I came out and there was a 6cyl. single headlight stick shift beater (early 90s) extended cab truck that used to be white and was painted with krylon black with SS emblems on it. :puke::puke:


On the other side was an old Chevy Luv truck that had been painted from what looked like the same guy but blue. It had the late model SS badges all over it. There where 2 sets on the front grill, 1 on each b pillar next to the window 1 on the fuel tank door and two on the tailgate. He had a spoiler on it that a Richard Petty Nascar Superbird would have been scared of and with a bad atempt of window scetching saying (one bad ss) across the front windshild... :puke::puke:


What are these guys thinking. This again proves the theary of my fovorite saying: (There is not a shortage of dumba$$es in this world)


I knew after I had left that my truck even though I had just washed it the night before felt dirty being between those two, So I rinced it off when I got home.. Poor thing!!! :crackup:



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