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E-Cut outs


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Make the truck realllly loud, but able to go back to stock noise level at a flick of a switch. They aren't really worth enough power to justify getting them for more power. Make sure that you put them as close to the muffler as possible, because too far forward and it could mess up the tuning, etc when you open them up.


Check out noweeds.net, they have a cutout that is superior to the regular ones that QTP and the other ones sell, it actually cuts the exhaust fromt going out the muffler when you open it up, instead of just dumping it out. Alittle xpensive tho.



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The problem with electric cutouts is they leak. I have yet to read about someone that has had them for 20-40k miles and not have problems. The more they are the better they are, but it seems the leaking part is one thing they all have in common. It seems it's just a matter of time. Pretty expensive toys, also. Personally, I would stick to the manual type.


Anybody heard any good stories from people with, say 30k miles?

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TurbochargedBerserker how loud is your setup when the cutout is open?



Loud... and obnoxious with a lot of resonance. I don't have cats, though. When I had cats, it sounded pretty good (like a loud catback).


Also, bear in mind that I do hve a turbo in there muffling the sound.

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Well right now I am running 2 Flowmaster 40's and they sound great, but when I am on a road trip it is just way to loud. My initial thoughts were to get 2 mufflers, say a 40 and a 70 and run the E-cutout through them. Can I do this, or should I stick with the original E-cutout way.


I just don't want it to be ungodly loud. Not even that, I just don't want it to sound like crap, that is my main concern and then to have it nice an quiet on a road trip.

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