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Magnuson MP122H Truck system inside

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Im new to the whole FI world. what is so good about the 122 super versus the 112? a bigger displacement? would that mean more boost quicker? Or just able to feed a bigger motor at higher rpms? im still debating on super or turbo. i really would like to see what is the biggest bang for the buck short of nitrous

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those of you who are interested in getting setup with a 122 here are the details as I know them:

As of today the MP122H conversion kit is available. Magnuson will supply the blowers to Under Pressure Motorsprts to make the truck conversion kits a reality.


As I understand it, the conversion kit will include:

1. upper intake blower manifold (modified for MP122H fitment)

2. MP122H blower

3. intercooler core

4. MP122H truck adapter kit

5. pressure tested and assembled

You will re-use your hardware/J-tube/lower manifold/injectors/fuel rails etc.

The conversion kit will be offered as an off road “tuner” kit only at this time.









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Does Under Pressure Motorsport have a website? How much is the kit going to sell for?


818-201-7492 is thier phone number. I'm not exactly sure what the conversion kit will run. I believe pricing is being finalized this weekend. :cheers:



Are they a new company? I've never heard of thrm before?

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