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Highest Mileage Ss Trucks?


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Just curious to see if this drivetrain (mainly the transmission/diffs... not so much the LQ9 motor) holds up to high mileage as well as some of the "standard" drivetrains (4.8L, 5.3L with the 4-speed automatic).


Some of you may have seen my post in regards to buying an '03 SSS that has 90K miles...and it seems no one here has high mileage on their SSS'...


Post up your mileage and what MAJOR repairs you've had to do... (regular maintenance doesn't really count... that's always a must...)


I've looked at two different '03 SSS, and both had 90K miles and drove absolutely flawless....

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There are some guys on the site with over 100K on an LQ9. I have seen posts that say they are still running strong. It's all a matter of proper maintenance. Hopefully, the trucks you're looking at have been properly maintained, then you should be OK. There have been lots of posts on front diff issues, and I would bet most of them are NOT related to mileage. Probably the same thing can be said for the trans.

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I have just over 101,000 miles on my '03 SS and the last 70,000 miles have been since I installed my Radix. Modifications are listed in my signature were performed by myself. I have had exactly zero drivetrain failures or repairs during this time.


The only issues I have had with my SS were the steering intermediate shaft klunk and a w/s wiper module failure whereby the wipers would not shut off.


I love this truck!

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I really gotta stop driving my truck so much... I have an 03 SS with 38,5xx miles. :jester:


Only problems so far: steering shaft (like 2 times already)

Gauge cluster

Within the last couple weeks the heated seats don't seem to wanna work. (from what I've read on here it's some 400.00 part) I'll tough it out the rest of the winter and think about fixing it next fall. Truck actually went out of warranty due to time, not mileage... I didn't pay attention, and like a dummy I missed the chance to put on an extended GM warranty. :banghead:

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Just bought mine last Friday with 120,000+ mostly teenage driver miles! Know nothing of past maintenance or if it's ever had any major parts replacement. Need gauge replacement, all other systems work excellent, engine still strong,tranny shifts well. Will drive as a daily driver and expect to bust 200,00K without anything major. Have driven '95 S10 Blazer from 170k to 230K over the past 4 years. Drove a '78 F150 4X4 for 17 years prior to that (that I gave $750. for at a salvage yard). GAS 'EM, SERVICE 'EM, GO!!



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