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VHO vs SS ?


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I am having major conflicts here...I read on this bored about VHO's almost stock, with just a tune, exhaust running 13.6's.....Thats the speed of a lighting correct ? For an SS to run 13.6's it takes quite a few mods, I am not even sure if a supercharged SS only will run a 13.6 and the VHO's are running that with just exhaust and a chip ? Can someone explain where the difference is other than the AWD....are we really losing 2 seconds in the quarter mile becaues of AWD ?!?! :confused::confused::confused:

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I have seen one with a tune, exhaust, and a CAI with a 13.9 slip. They do have a few hundred lbs less than us and weight makes a huge diff. I took off 170 lbs last time I went to the track, and gained just over .2 sec. He probably also took off his spare, tailgate, etc so he probably weighed a lot less than we do. Also the 13.9 that I have heard is only .6 sec faster than I ran, and I don't have exhaust. Plus at the track they can have slicks. AWD is an advantage for us only on the street. It *may* be posible for one to run a 13.6 with those mods, but most of them shouldn't. Most will need more than that. I will agree that they are pretty damn quick though for what they have.



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The VHO's I've read about that have broke 14 seconds are running 26" slicks, some sort of tune, exhaust, and CAI of somekind. I have the same mods my personal best at Tulsa was mid 14's that's with the 20's on and did not take anything off to lighten the load. So, I think I could probably break 14 if I put on the slicks. My 60' times have all been around 2.2 - 2.4. If not it would definately be very low 14's.

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My buddy has a VHO and hopefully he can make it to Jax so we can line them up. This will be a street test though, I'm pretty sure he wont have time to make it to a track. So, if it happens, I will be sure to post the results.


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